Dhanush or selvaraghavan

12 01 2010

There are many films queued for 2010 pongal, and among those tamil pongal releases two films are special.

Dhanuh and Selvaraghavan

Dhanuh and Selvaraghavan

Dhanush’s Kutty and Selvaraghavan’s Aayirathil oruvan are going to hit theaters  on the same day. Both the films will  be of different  genre and both are coming with huge expectations. Aayirathil oruvan is going to be a adventurous movie while Kutty will be a Love with comedy.The question is whether the brothers will compete each other and who will win the race. The audience will be different for both the movies but there will be some questions in the minds of the people.The Answer for this is ” Have no doubt whether Dhanush wins or selva wins..The winner is going to be both of them”.Dhanush has given voice for the hit song “un mela aasathan…” while selva is the sole  reason for Dhanush’s experienced acting.So Lets hope Both the pair wins and provide us with more entertainers.All the best for Dhanush and Selva.




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