Dhanush- Uthamaputhiran photos

4 06 2010

Download Dhanush Uthamaputhiran photos , pictures, Dhanush wallpapers, movie stills free download.

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Dhanush in Seedan

4 06 2010

Dhanush’s next movie  ‘Seedan’ starring  Ananya as the heroine and directed by Subramaniam Siva is almost finished.



R. Mohan( popularly known as ‘Good Knight Mohan’) who produced a number of mega hits with super stars in Malayalam and Hindi is producing ‘Seedan’ under the banner called Myth productions.Dhanush and Subramaniam Siva combo created a trend of sort with ‘Thiruda Thirudi’ and that has raised the expectation meter of ‘Seedan’. ‘Seedan’ stars ‘Nadodigal’ fame Ananya as the heroine and the  other cast include new comer Krishna, Suhasini, Veteren Sheela, Ponvannan and Ilavarasu among others. Vivek playes the comedian role ,he is doing in Mappillai too. Subramaniam Siva’s favourite Dheena scores music for this also. ‘Seedan’ is currently into its second schedule shot in places like Madurai, Kerala and Bhuvaneshwar.

Dhanush’s next film “Seedan”

1 02 2010

After Kutty Dhanush is doing a film named “Seedan“.A lot of news about the story is not revealed but will be another good movie for the actor.Here is some stills from the movie seedan.

Kutty movie review

1 02 2010

Movie name         : Kutty

Cast                         : Dhanush,  shreya Saran, Sameer Dattani, Radha Ravi and others.

Direction              : Mitran A.Jawahar

Production          :Gemini film circuit

Music Director   :Devi Sriprasad

Year of Release  :  January  14,2010

Genre                      :  Romance , comedy.

Certification         :  U

Tagline                    :  With comedy they have told how a boy changes his one side Love to success.

Comments             :   Just entertainment and comedy, nothing other than that.

User rating            :  6/10


Kutty movie


“Kutty”, a remake of Telugu superhit “Arya-1” .The movie was released for pongal and as

you all know the story is the same as in arya 1.The charecter is well suited for Dhanush .Shreya has performed a different role , she has not shown any glamour.Here is the story of kutty

Arjun (Debutant Sameer Dattani) is a rich boy,  son  of politician Devanayagam (Radha Ravi). He  falls in love  for beautiful Geetha (Shriya). He proposes to her initially, but she refuses him. Then he blackmails her by all means and so Shriya forcibly fall sin love with him in a fear that he jump from the top of the college building and dies. So, Geetha and Arjun Star dating like usual lovers and the story goes on.

Kutty (Dhanush) who is a go luck guy with no big aims and ambitions in his life enters the college as a student. He falls in love with Geetha and proposes to her. He learns from her that she is a lover to Arjun and asks him to back off. But he makes a funny twist to the proposal and says to her that he is in love with her which may be a one side love. He also backs her love and says that she need not love him, but at the same time need not hate him too.Then the rest of the movie is how Kutty wins the heart of Geetha and how he succeeds in his love. In the climax scenes Geetha realizes that she is in love with Kutty and not Arjun and so the movies ends on a happy ending a after a reel flow of goon bashing of course!

Dhanush Pictures

12 01 2010

Wish you a Happy pongal from all dhanush fans.This pongal is going to be a happy hunt for the Dhanush Fans and all dhanush movie Lovers.Dhanush kutty is going to be released for pongal 2010 and there is expectations within every Dhanush Fan.The song “Feel My Love..” is already hit among the tamil world.Here is some Excellent Wallpapers of dhanush,Dhanush HQ images, Dhanush stills.For more Dhanush Wallpapers click here.

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Dhanush or selvaraghavan

12 01 2010

There are many films queued for 2010 pongal, and among those tamil pongal releases two films are special.

Dhanuh and Selvaraghavan

Dhanuh and Selvaraghavan

Dhanush’s Kutty and Selvaraghavan’s Aayirathil oruvan are going to hit theaters  on the same day. Both the films will  be of different  genre and both are coming with huge expectations. Aayirathil oruvan is going to be a adventurous movie while Kutty will be a Love with comedy.The question is whether the brothers will compete each other and who will win the race. The audience will be different for both the movies but there will be some questions in the minds of the people.The Answer for this is ” Have no doubt whether Dhanush wins or selva wins..The winner is going to be both of them”.Dhanush has given voice for the hit song “un mela aasathan…” while selva is the sole  reason for Dhanush’s experienced acting.So Lets hope Both the pair wins and provide us with more entertainers.All the best for Dhanush and Selva.

Aayirathil Oruvan songs

16 06 2009

Dhanush has done a song for aayirathil oruvan directed by his brither selvaragavan and starring Karthick.Dhanush and his wife AishwAishwarya Dhanusharya Dhanush, Andrea along with premji has done the song and it starts like ‘Un mela Aasathan..’ . There was a greater expectation for the song from the begining.The audio launch for the film on sunday  evening had some big personalities.Dhanush has done his same best performance in this song too.G.V.Prakash has joined Selvaragavan for the first time and its sure the pair will make big hit.