Thulluvatho Ilamai

Tittle :   Thulluvatho Ilamai

cast :   Dhanush,Sherin and vijay kumar,’Thalaivasal’ vijay.

Director                   : Kasthuri Raja

Production            : Ramakrishnan

Music director     : Yuvanshankar Raja

Year of release     : 10-05-2002

Genre                         : Romance

Lyricist                     : pa.Vijay

Playback                   : Bombay jaishree,Harini,Harish,Unni krishnan,venkat prabhu.

Tagline                      : problems that are faced by the youngsters after they escaped from their home because  of their parents.

Certification         :  A

Comments             : Nice movie having a lesson for the 16’s and their parents.

User Rating :  6/10

storyline               : A story of six friends, each with their own problems, who run away from home and live together with the support of  an          older    friend of theirs. They have to deal with many problems, from the rejection of their parents, to how to make money, to rowdies, to their feelings for each other (sexual and otherwise). The story is told in flashback as one of the characters comes back to his old school and remembers his youth.

review                    : A first-time lead pair (Dhanush and Sheryn), very few marquee names, a low budget, a straight story simply t



And, at the end of it all, a box-office bonanza. The trick? Simple. Director Kasturi Raja is clear who his audience is. He is aiming at the teens — not rich teens, upmarket teens, swinging teens or any other subgroups. But teens, period.

He picks a subject they will empathise with: the pleasures and pangs of growing up — be it the first pimple, the first cigarette, the first stolen moment with a member of the opposite sex. Raja tells his story straight — in your face, no frills. And he tells his story by making his characters live through it all.

Thus, there is this poor kid whose father is a fisherman. One night, he watches his parents making out. Another kid has his parents abroad, busy making money with no time for her. A third has a problem communicating with a strict father. The father of the fourth is abusive. They all run away from home, meet, and hit the road with a seller of pornographic magazines as their escort.

How they face reality, how they realise that they are not yet ready to cope with life in the outside world, how they need education to help them cope, is what the rest of the film is all about.

The climax, predictably, comes laden with messages, with the spelling out of the difference between the rights and the wrongs. A couple of years ago, there was a Telugu film Chitram (directed byTeja) with a somewhat similar focus on teen issues. Chitram too was low budget, high yield. And many years ago, award-winning cinematographer-director Balu Mahendra made Azhiyaatha Kolangal, again a movie that focussed on boys growing up.

While on the subject, don’t forget Hollywood’s American Pie. Audiences accepted these films — including the one under review — because the problems discussed are universal. More to the point, these are problems teens are not comfortable talking to elders about.Thulluvatho Ilamai

Sitting in a movie theatre watching someone else live out their problems and find solutions, helps. For the teen, it is like spending time with a celluloid agony aunt.

Thulluvatho Ilamai does not put priority on craft — the telling is stark, there is no attempt at sensitivity and, occasionally, the film is titillating to the point of being almost soft porn.

But the film is a hit. And that makes sense — youngsters comprise half the moviemaking audience. So you understand why the producer would want to woo them.

Yuvan Shankar Raja, younger son of maestro Ilayaraja, scores the music; the editing is by Suresh Urs.


1.Idhu kadhala Yuvan

2.kan munney                            -yuvan,Timmy

3.Kaatruku kaatruku               -Harish ragavendra,Harini,Sundar rajan,Febi

4.Neruppu koothadikuthu   –  venkat prabhu,chitra sivaraman

5.Theenda Theenda                – Bombay Jayshree

6.Vayadhu va va                      – Srinivas,harini


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15 12 2008

Hi….me too a fan of dhanush..!II love his movies……

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12 11 2010

i luv dhanush

9 12 2010

illaya super star dhanush is a very good actor then dancer and one of the most mass actor in tamil cinema
dhanush rocksssssssssssssss vdl guyssss

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